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Welcome to the Internet's home of information on WebTrust. Landing on this site means that you are interested in online/offline and cost-effective ways to ensure privacy, security (and more!) for your business.

Here you will find:

1) Information to help you decide how valuable WebTrust can be to you, your clients and customers;

2) A brief history of WebTrust;

3) Links to three of the Internet's most comprehensive sites on online/offline privacy.

For those who aren't familiar with the issues of privacy, here are some relevant facts:

... Privacy has been consistently named the most important concern for online shoppers (and would-be online shoppers) every year since 1995.

... In Canada, the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act has become law. By January 1st, 2004, all businesses must develop and monitor specific internal procedures for collecting, storing and sharing private information of clients and employees.

... Studies have found that as much as 84% of the web's non-purchasers point to concerns over protection of their private information as the reason for not buying on the web.

What do you want to do?

Get background information on the WebTrust Seal:

... What is WebTrust?  ... Why was WebTrust developed?  ... What makes WebTrust different from all other Internet seals?  ... Who are the leaders in WebTrust?  ... Is there more than one WebTrust Seal to choose from?  ... Who has a WebTrust Seal on their site?

Decide if, or when, your site should get a WebTrust Seal:

... What benefits are there for my company/web site to get a WebTrust Seal?  ... How do I get a WebTrust Seal on my web site?  ... How much does a WebTrust Seal cost?  ... What return on investment can my company/web site expect from the WebTrust Seal?

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